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Jill Vicker’s passion for all things tangible and intangible alike, began to flourish in her early childhood in West Des Moines with the loving support of her parents. Values of physical activity, fitness, travel and excitement were well balanced with a deep appreciation for knowledge, music, and faith. In school, this translated to swim team and orchestra activities; and with her family, Jill enjoyed skiing, cycling, and cross-country RV-trips alongside mental stimulation of studying, music, violin lessons, sight-seeing, and spiritual interests. She quickly developed strength, determination, and discipline as well as maintaining a light-hearted and fun-loving approach to life. 

Jill felt a calling for Massage Therapy already in high school, but first pursued Health Sciences with a Bachelor in Biology from UNI in 2002. It led her to working with an osteopathic doctor and acupuncturist and introduced her to the holistic aspect of physical healthcare. By 2005, Jill was a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Grandview College; and in 2012, she completed her Massage Therapy Certification at Body Wisdom. 

After maintaining a dual practice for 11 years, Jill opted to expand Divine Harmony, her private practice, where she can combine all her professional passions. Her bodywork is designed to improve neurological functioning, relieve pain, reduce stress, and improve overall health and mental wellness, also utilizing modalities of frequency/sound and music/acoustic vibration. Her varied clientele ranges from avid athletes to hospice patients. Jill also greatly enjoys sharing her vast experience and expertise with her students at Body Wisdom Massage Therapy School. 

To this day, Jill practices her athletic agility and musical ambitions; and her lifestyle truly harmonizes and unites the tangible and intangible as she practices biking, kickboxing, hiking, swimming, scuba diving, and skiing as well as the arts, crafts, meditation, and spiritual practice. Jill also continues to travel, go on adventures, spend time in nature, connect with others, and build community and relationships with family and friends.

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